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Working Process of Radiator for Excavator Water Tank


Typically, the radiator for excavator water tank is mainly composed of radiator core pipes, cooling blades, upper water tank and lower water tank. The upper water tank is connected with the lower water tank through water pipes. At this time, the hot water is turned to warm water after flowing into the lower water tank from top to bottom, and the cooling blades form pores, in addition with the extraction by the blower and the relative wind velocity produced in running of the vehicle, a large amount of cold air enters through the pores. Then the heat absorbed by the cooling water flowing through the water pipe is dissipated into the atmosphere. In this way, the useless excessive heat in the radiator for excavator water tank can be dissipated, so as to make the engine operate under normal temperatures regardless of the speed or the driving conditions. The radiator for excavator water tank is a kind of heat exchanger for water-cooled engines to maintain the engine operating in normal temperatures through air-convection cooling. If the engine cooling water in the radiator for excavator water tank is inflated due to high-temperature boiling and vaporization, and the pressure exceeds the set value, the hot water will overflow from the water tank lid for relief, which will result in cooling water reduction and prevent the burst of the pipes for the cooling system. We shall note in driving whether the pointer of the engine cooling water temperature gauge on the instrument panel is at the normal position.


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